How the Hutchinson Deafblind Trust was Founded

    The Hutchinson Deafblind Trust was founded in 2009 using the proceeds of Sylvia Hutchinson's will. It was Sylvia's wish that funds from her estate would be used to help others that are deafblind like her son John.

    Sylvia recognised the many challenges that deafblind individuals have to overcome. As a full time carer she believed that the support of experienced people and access to assistance could help others in the same or similar situations.

    Sylvia's friends fulfilled her wishes by setting up the Hutchinson Deafblind Trust and now honour Sylvia's legacy by helping others in similar situations.

    The board of trustees meet regularly throughout the year to examine and make decisions on applications.

    Who Do We Help

    We help people living in Yorkshire who are deafblind ( have a combined auditory and visual impairment ).

    If you care for someone, have a relative or know someone who lives in Yorkshire and is deafblind then they could benefit from assistance. This can take the form of direct support, telephone advice and in some instances financial support to access training or equipment.